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Of the 48,700 kids in care in Australia right now, only 2.8% will go on to attend university - a tiny fraction of the national average. Our goal is simple: we want to increase the number of kids leaving care who go on to uni, and help them succeed there.

Here's how we are helping to smooth their path:

- We advocate to governments and universities to make sure kids leaving care get the support they need to enable them to complete their studies

- We provide a central national portal for information about all of the support available to kids in care who want to undertake higher education. Whether it is scholarships, accommodation grants or university bursaries, you will find it all here.


- We connect kids in care considering uni to each other and to care leavers who have already been there. Because #community








The Why Not You Project was founded in 2016 by Anastasia Glushko, a former foster kid who became a Ward of the State at twelve. Over the next six years, she lived with three different families, and attended five different high schools. 

She went on to study International Relations at the Australian National University, and later, at the University of Oxford in the UK - experiences that she credits with transforming her life. 

In 2017 she was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to investigate programs and services making an impact in improving higher education outcomes for young people in care in UK, Europe and USA. 

About us

Anastasia's Story

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