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killer student jobs

noone will tell you about

There is absolutely nothing wrong with working in good old fashioned retail hospital to pay your way through uni - these jobs are flexible, pretty easy to find, and are practically an Australian rite of passage. 

But don't overlook other awesome options out there.

Working at the university

University jobs usually pay really well and are right there on campus. There are many positions available - peer networkers, tutors, library staff, cafe staff at the university, research assistants...Be quick though, these positions get snapped up early on in the year. Check out the careers section of your university website.

Call centres

Call centres have heaps of part-time and casual positions which pay well and teach you important skills like persistence, motivation and excellent customer service.


If you think your eventual career will involve you working in some sort of an office, administration experience is really useful to have. Office assistants, receptionists, data entry clerks...there's always a business in need of some extra hands around the office. The work is usually indoors, not too stressful but enough to keep you busy. Plus, it might be a great way to get your foot in the door into the industry you are interested in. 


At up to $80 an hour, tutoring your favourite school subjects could be the most efficient way to make some cash while you are at uni. The hours are very flexible, and there are lots of agencies who will help you find work. Just make sure to factor in travel time before accepting work: if you are hoofing it an hour or more each way, you might be better off waiting tables.  

Government departments and local councils

Government casual employment pools are probably the best kept secret in Australia. The pay is great, there is normally a good range of jobs, you get experience working in a large organisation, and there are no late nights. Every state and federal government department and most local council will have casual work registers online. Obviously check out the ones that make geographical sense for you. Here are a couple of examples: 

Department of Human Services 

National Library of Australia 

WA Department of Mines 

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