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I didn’t get an offer. What’s my next step?

Don't despair. There are many other students in the same boat. University entry is competitive, so you might need to wait until the second round of offers (or a subsequent round) before you are given a place. 

Like students who didn’t get into their first preference, you are still eligible for an offer in the second round. Individual universities may have extra rounds too, so don’t lose hope just yet. Your next step should be to investigate pathways, which might include starting out in a foundation or bridging course, or heading into the VET sector to complete a lower-level qualification with the intention of working your way up the qualifications ladder into a bachelor degree. You might also consider applying for a degree at a more accessible provider. Many private colleges and TAFE institutes offer bachelor degrees, often with less rigid entry requirements than universities. Some of these institutions continue to take applications until the start of semester. See individual institution website for details.

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