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I am not sure if i want to accept my offer.

If you’ve gotten an offer that isn’t your first preference, you might be wondering if you should still accept it.


Beyond hoping for an offer in the second round, our tip is to begin researching the course to see what it’s like and if it can act as a pathway into your first preference. The arts course you got into could be the perfect pathway into law, while an undergraduate health science degree might be just what you need to get into graduate entry medicine.


Bear in mind that accepting an offer into a lower preference is a good safeguard even if you’re not too sure about it at this stage. If you’re considering rejecting your offer, make sure that you’re certain about not wanting to study the course. Go to the university’s website, read about the course and see if you can attend an information session. If you’ve done your research and still want to reject your offer, have a quick chat to a course or career adviser to sort through your options.

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